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We call it connections because we do more than just planning and buying media space; we determine how best to connect with people. A successful media strategy and plan is rooted in research and insights, whether it’s first-party consumer research or third-party syndicated research. Here are a few reasons why we’re so good at what we do.

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No channel bias

We look at each client’s business holistically. This means we don’t go in with pre-conceived notions about what the optimal solutions will be. Our aim is to create a custom media strategy focused on which channels make the most sense at each point of the journey to get results.


Tailor-made plans

Each strategy is developed and customized to fit each client’s needs. Our goal is not to deliver inefficient volume, as often happens when agencies have pre-existing media commitments they need to fulfill. Rather, we focus on what will be most effective. This means no wastage because each plan is custom made.


All the tools

We’ve equipped our team with the tools to provide sound and informed media strategies. This includes research and data tools to aid in the development of insights and planning, analytics and measurement platforms to validate data and report success metrics, as well as finance systems to ensure fast, accurate media buy maintenance, billing and reporting.

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