Revealing the hidden dangers of asbestos


Many homes built prior to 1990 contain some form of asbestos, a dangerous substance that is both colourless and odourless. Renovating or demolishing a home without testing for asbestos and removing it can lead to exposure, which may cause serious illnesses like lung disease and cancer. We needed to make homeowners aware of this unseen killer.


To shed light on the hidden dangers of asbestos, we quite literally brought it to life, creating a haunting personification of the deadly substance. A multimedia campaign featured the eerie visuals and carried a clear warning: testing for asbestos should be the first step in any reno or demo.


The campaign has been a success for the past four years. Research has shown a significant increase in asbestos awareness, including knowing to test for asbestos, making testing and removal a priority before renos and demos and understanding the responsibility of homeowners in keeping workers safe.



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