Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver

Shifting attitudes of realtors


Trust in realtors was at an all-time low. The public largely perceived them as transactional salespeople rather than trustworthy financial partners. Even worse, a number of highly visible news stories featured bad apples who stained the entire industry. We needed to re-establish realtors’ credentials as highly skilled professionals.


To shift the attitudes around realtors, we created a multi-channel, multi-cultural campaign that focused on the choice buyers and sellers have when deciding on a realtor. By empowering our audience to shop around and find the realtor with the right combination of skills, neighbourhood knowledge and fit, we let them know realtors are here to serve them—not the other way around.


Outstanding. Proven recall of our video spot was exceptional and aided ad recall for radio was also significantly above norm. What’s more, the campaign has significantly increased the perceived trustworthiness of realtors among those who had previously held neutral or mildly negative perceptions of them.



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