Pointing out the obvious


Since the beginning of the pandemic, British Columbians have been, quite rightly, focused on keeping their families safe from COVID-19. Unfortunately, hospital data shows that the extra precautions brought by COVID-19 have distracted them from paying attention to the everyday risks at home, work and on the road. Preventable needed to encourage British Columbians not to forget the basics of injury prevention.


To remind British Columbians that it’s still important to consider the hazards around them, we quite literally pointed them out. The campaign features TV, pre-roll, out-of-home and digital and provides a gentle and relatable reminder without being condescending or passing judgement.


Digital metrics to date show that British Columbians are highly-engaged with the campaign. Completion rates for our pre-roll videos and response rates for our digital banners are all well above industry benchmarks. These early successes signal the campaign will deliver on its task of reducing preventable injuries among British Columbians.




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