Pacific Blue Cross

Keeping a much-loved BC brand healthy


A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions. And inevitably, a lot of those resolutions are about health. Back in 2017, we saw a tremendous opportunity for Pacific Blue Cross to get behind those effort and support people making healthy goals and sticking with them. After all, the health and wellbeing of all British Columbians is the essence of their brand.


We gamified the process of making New Year’s resolutions with a custom-built microsite that challenged people to make a healthy change about exercise, eating, or healthy habits. Participants then shared that goal with friends and family for a chance to win exercise equipment, nutrition supplies and other health-oriented prizes from Pacific Blue Cross. We promoted the contest using a media partnership that included local news personalities joining the challenge themselves and with a digital approach that targeted health content online.


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Global Site Takeover


The contest has been a resounding success, generating around 20,000 original entries every year. With a significant number of those turning into new Pacific Blue Cross clients, the annual Healthy Living Challenge has become not only an innovative way for Pacific Blue Cross to live their brand, it’s become an excellent way to introduce that brand to new customers.



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