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Demonstrating the positive impact of a small act


The negative impact of microplastics on the environment is a growing problem. Microfibres, a type of microplastic shed from laundry in the wash, are particularly harmful as they end up in the ocean, polluting aquatic life. The good news is, one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce the shed of microfibres is by switching your laundry to cold. The bad news is awareness of microfibres is very low. Metro Vancouver needed help both explaining what microfibres are and convincing residents to switch their laundry to cold.


Doing laundry is a thankless job. Despite the many unavoidable steps it involves, our audience–who do a lot of it–don’t get much credit for their efforts. We wanted to show them that if they switch to cold, this small change will not only be appreciated, but will make a positive impact on the environment, particularly for the aquatic life within it.






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