London Drugs

Transforming a private label into a robust brand


London Drugs had a well-established private label business. But with over a dozen disconnected brands spread across a variety of market segments, the business was highly fragmented, difficult to manage and inefficient—all that different positioning was eating away at profit margins. Most importantly, the lack of co-ordination was confusing for consumers, preventing the company from building brand connection and consumer trust. We saw an opportunity to reinvent these brands, drive more traffic, boost margin and build long-term goodwill that would allow London Drugs private label business to capture even more market share.


We began a four-phase development process to determine an ideal family of private-label brand names and designs. Our approach was research-based and iterative, with an emphasis on listening to real life London Drugs shoppers and incorporating their feedback into our work. Using concept platforms, mood boards and name and logo design options, we assessed creative on key metrics such as overall liking, purchase intent, uniqueness and impact on visits and spending in both quantitative and qualitative research. After selection of final designs, we then created a 120-page graphic standards manual to ensure consistent, efficient execution of packaging design and product roll-out, whether created by us, by London Drugs’ in-house team or by third-party vendors.

Logo Designs

Label Designs


Hundreds of these newly branded private-label products are now sold on-shelf and online at London Drugs stores across Western Canada. The consistency of brand identity and messaging is immediately obvious to all shoppers, allowing London Drugs to slowly and steadily build brand recognition and goodwill. Best of all: despite a difficult retail environment, sales continue to be robust and the company team continues to expand into new market segments with entirely new private label products.

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