London Drugs

Introducing the Christmas Experts


The holiday season is the most competitive time of year for retailers and London Drugs was struggling to keep up. Christmas shoppers didn’t really think of London Drugs as a place to find gifts. We needed to help London Drugs connect with customers, demonstrate the range of gifts they offered and stand out amid the relentless holiday advertising clutter.


Striking a difficult balance between selling and storytelling, we created a multimedia campaign featuring ‘The Christmas Experts’: a trio of hopeless holiday gifters any family could relate to. Despite their old habits like regifting or resorting to socks, our Christmas Experts demonstrated that if they could get the perfect gifts at London Drugs, anyone could.


Our trio of gift-givers resonated. In the two Christmas seasons the campaign ran, London Drugs had year-over-year seasonal traffic and sales growth, with ad recall and brand link above normal levels.




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