Shifting attitudes around distracted driving


Most drivers know they shouldn’t use their phone when they’re behind the wheel. Yet fear of missing out and not being connected to others is a powerful lure that leads many to sneak a peek at their screens. As a result, distracted driving is the leading cause of fatal crashes in BC. Clearly, ICBC needed a new message if it wanted to get through to complacent drivers about the dangers of distracted driving.


Research confirmed what we instinctively knew: drivers were tired of the standard shock ads that featured horrific crashes, grieving parents and an overly sombre tone. So we went in the opposite direction. We created a lighthearted campaign of highly targeted TV ads, pre-roll videos and radio spots that encouraged drivers to stay strong, resist the temptation and ignore their phones—even if the phones themselves crave that attention.


Post-campaign research showed impressively high advertising recall and brand link. Most importantly, the campaign changed driving behaviour: the number of people who self-reported using their phone while driving dropped a whopping 45% over the campaign period.




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