Hops Connect Canada

Staying a hop ahead


Hops Connect is a grower and importer of the world’s highest quality hops. Proudly Canadian owned and operated, they’re an important partner to those within the ever-expanding craft brewing industry. They came to us looking to evolve the brand to better reflect their quality of service and commitment to the Canadian craft beer community.


Our work leveraged Hops Connect’s Canadian roots as an essential component of the new identity and helped clarify their competitive position in this B2B market.

The brand evolution included a new logo, positioning statement, refined colour palette, website, support copy, and all collateral brand extensions. Ultimately, we redefined Hops Connect Canada as the brewer’s true Partner in Craft and an active agent in growing the Canadian craft beer community.

“Our customers now see the opportunity of a ‘next generation’ partnership in craft; a partnership in which craft breweries communicate with us more, ask for our hops expertise more, and buy from us more. This rebrand is a true game-changer for our business and has helped us realize our company vision and our sales growth objectives. Wasserman nailed what we do and where we want to go in the Canadian craft brewing industry” ~ Will Konantz, Director Operations