BC Nurses' Union

Fighting for better working conditions


The working conditions faced by nurses in BC needed serious attention. Excessive amounts of overtime, overwork and extreme stress had resulted in high levels of turnover and challenges with getting new nurses to stay in the job. The BC Nurses’ Union (BCNU) needed help to raise awareness of these critical issues, generate public support and connect with public officials.


Instead of simply talking about the issues, we demonstrated them. We created a harrowing campaign featuring the real-life situations nurses faced on a daily basis. The campaign highlighted the shocking realities of being a nurse in the three primary nursing segments while calling for support to end dismal working conditions.


The story we told resonated with British Columbians and helped put added pressure on the government. As a result, the BCNU’s efforts in negotiating with the government were successful and they were able to secure another long-term agreement without any labour disruption.



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