Accent Inns

Helping a small hotel chain make a big splash


Accent Inns is a small hotel chain with a big personality. Despite offering amenities and personal touches above and beyond what’s offered by the big chains, their brand awareness was non-existent. To survive in the hyper-competitive hospitality market, they needed to stand out and get noticed in a big way. And they needed to do it all on a (very) small budget.


We knew the foundation of Accent Inn’s brand was their quirky personality. So we embraced it. Instead of showing the same-old, same-old features that every hotel operator shows, we proudly flaunted their unique offerings and strengthened their brand in different ways across multiple tactics, including a 15-second TV spot that harnessed the power of dance.



Mock Viewer Advisory




The campaign put Accent Inns on the map. Brand awareness skyrocketed, with aided recall for our TV spot at 42%, significantly higher than the industry norm of 30%, despite having only half the standard media weight to support it.



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