Associate Creative Director – Art Director

Job title: Associate Creative Director – Art Director
Reports to: Creative Director

Creative Team

We are the artistic innovators, focused on the creation of unique ideas. We are creative experts that continuously learn and explore with an in depth understanding of the consumer experience. Through the mastery of our craft, we are constantly seeking inspiration and molding our imagination into reality. Our collaboration with the Strategic Services, Production and Connections teams allows us to come up with ideas that are relevant and targeted.

Associate Creative Director – Art Director

This is a summarized list of key duties that is not cumulative of responsibilities:

  • Supports the Creative Director with the development of concepts, strategies, and client presentations
  • Ensures the creative process and approval stages are being met
  • Responsible for maintaining consistency of work for multiple projects, target audiences and media channels
  • Has expert knowledge of our clients’ business, including a clear understanding of their look, feel, and tone
  • Quality of all art and design elements is consistently high
  • Distills research and strategic insights into big ideas
  • Performs with a strong ability to creative problem solve – can generate fresh thinking that pushes boundaries
  • Helps guide the creative team (copywriters, art directors, designers) with solutions and mentoring towards achieving objectives
  • Demonstrates a growing ability to analyze and anticipate problems, and eliminate obstacles to successfully complete projects
  • Works collaboratively with other departments and suppliers in a way that achieves agency objectives
  • Presents work professionally, focusing on clarity of intent
  • Adapts and innovates through emerging channels and disciplines to ensure work is current
  • Keeps up with the latest trends, strategies, and technologies

Key qualities and performance markers

  • You truly enjoy having your sleeves rolled up as an art director in addition to directing work
  • You have strong concept and strategy development skills
  • You excel at coaching and mentoring creatives, guiding their work to a place of strategic excellence
  • You take pride in helping others develop their voice and their craft
  • You love diving deep to understand your clients’ business and becoming their trusted partner
  • You are able to communicate vision
  • You don’t confuse confidence with ego
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Associate Creative Director – Art Director